I connect with my family by turning off distractions.

I turn off all types of distractions in order to give my full attention to my family. Making my family a priority helps them to feel the love that I have for them.

The computer is a resource for me to work and stay connected with family and friends. When unnecessary distractions try to hold my attention away from the things that matter, I have enough self-control to turn myself away.

I keep track of how much time I spend on my mobile devices to ensure that I am balancing my time efficiently. I make a point each day to spend more time looking into my children’s eyes and speaking face to face with my souse than I spend on any other activity.

My family and I eat together at the table every night without distractions. The television remains turned off during family meals to allow us time to focus on each other and talk about our day.

I screen my calls and only answer the most important ones when I am around my family. I want to be present in the lives of my children so that they can have beautiful memories of their childhood to treasure for years to come.

If I feel tempted to waste time on my phone or laptop, I free myself by hiding it from my sight. I remind myself constantly that family and relationships are the only things of true value – the only things that last forever.

Today, I choose my family over my computer, the phone, a game, TV, or any other distraction.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is my schedule balanced?
2. Which distraction do I need to remove from my view?
3. Am I spending my time on things of eternal value?