When I forgive others, I am healed.

I forgive others in order to release myself from the bondage of past hurts. I choose to forgive so I can move forward with a clean soul. Forgiving helps me to release memories and hurts that hold me back.

Forgiveness can bring astonishing good out of unbelievably bad situations. Choosing to pardon an offense puts me in control of my emotions. I gain freedom by exercising the control that comes from choosing to forgive.

I forgive others so I can be free from negativity
. Forgiveness helps me enjoy true peace and joy that bubbles out of my life. When I forgive others I am free from bitterness.

Even when I forgive others, I allow natural consequences to occur. Forgiveness does not excuse behaviors; it simply sets me free from hurt and anger. It is easier to forgive than to hold a grudge.

I forgive because I have the strength to forgive. I am free to let go, to show mercy, and to mend relationships through one simple, yet powerful act.

When I forgive others, I find it easier to forgive myself. I feel secure and worthy when I accept forgiveness. I am healed when I accept the imperfections of others as well as my own.

Today, I choose to put the past behind me and forgive. I enjoy a healed and whole spirit, ready to embrace the new and exciting experiences ahead of me. Past wounds and scars fade away as I release myself from old grudges and embrace forgiveness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who do I need to forgive?
2. How can forgiveness free my mind?
3. What are the benefits of forgiving others and myself?