Affirmations for Creativity

Affirmations for Creativity

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My creativity grows each day

Opportunities abound for me to use my creative energy. I am confident in my ability to look at situations in a new light and to create what I want in my life. Because I practice these things, and because creativity is my birthright, my creativity grows each day.

For some, creating may mean doing traditional arts. They may paint, sculpt, dance, or write. While I may also participate in some of these activities, I manifest creative energy in each part of my life.

When I’m at work, I think of new ways to troubleshoot tasks. In my home life, I find efficiencies in the ways I clean so that I can spend less time working and more time playing. I am always looking for new ways to grow. As I seek and find them, I nurture my creativity.

Sometimes, my creativity expands without even my conscious intention. I find myself full of new ideas while doing some repetitive activity like showering or scrubbing dishes. I go to sleep thinking about a challenge I have, and when I wake in the morning, I have the solution. As time passes, these creative bursts happen with increasing frequency.

If I feel stumped by a challenge, I think hard on the situation for a while. Then I let go and focus on other things. Before long an answer arrives, often something I had not considered before. This is my creativity manifesting again. Because I am often engaged in problem-solving, I get to use these tools to grow my creative energy daily.

Today, I notice the free flow of my creativity. I am excited by all the possibilities presented by this infinite energy to which I have access. As I practice using this limitless resource, my creativity grows each day.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Recently, when has my creative energy manifested most strongly?
2. Are there any parts of my life in which I feel stuck?
3. How can I apply my creativity to these situations?

I engage my creativity in the workplace

Each day, I have an opportunity to use my creativity. However, many of these days are busy with work. Because I love to produce new thoughts and ideas, I make sure to engage my creativity in the workplace.

I am grateful for my boundless creative energy. Finding new approaches or perspectives brings me joy, whether I am at home, spending time with friends, or in the office.

So many people seem to just drag themselves to their jobs each day. But because I use my creative energy at my work, I feel richly fulfilled there.

Other people appreciate my creative thinking, too. My co-workers comment on my fresh new ideas and strategies. My boss values my problem-solving techniques. And when I come home, I still feel invigorated because I have used my creativity all day at work. My inner inspiration is an infinite source of energy that I employ as often as I can.

Sometimes, if I feel tempted to relax and just do the basic requirements of my job, I remind myself of how much pleasure I get from using my creativity.

If I start to feel like the task at hand is trivial, I observe that this is a chance to create what I want in life. Each situation is an exciting opportunity for me.

Today, I wholeheartedly engage my creativity in the workplace. I am happy to know that I can create whatever I want, regardless of where I am or what I am doing. In each moment, I recommit to my ongoing endeavor to use the creative gifts that are my birthright.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is my experience with creativity at work?
2. How can I best remind myself to use the inspiration that comes naturally to me?
3. Are there ways in which I can usher more creativity into my job?

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