I choose my friends wisely

I practice being friendly toward everyone I know. People feel accepted and loved by me because I universally embrace them with warmth. Although I associate with many people, I put a lot of consideration into who I allow to get close.

The individuals I call my friends are people I can trust. They live their lives with integrity. My friends have standards and moral beliefs similar to my own. I do not expect perfection from my friends, but rather a sincere effort to live according to what they feel is right.

I choose my friends based on intangible qualities about their character that draw me to them. A person’s character says much more about them than their outward appearance.

I use caution when associating myself with others because of what those affiliations say about me. I may associate with all types of people, but I only open my heart to those with similar values as my own.

I choose my friends wisely because they have more influence over me than I realize. Using discretion when choosing my friendships prevents me from turning my back my values. I trust that my friends are influencing me for the better.

Keeping a distant relationship with people I view as negative influences is easy for me. I am free from the pressure to become close with someone just to be polite.

Today, I choose to respect myself enough to raise the bar on my friendships. I draw closer to the positive people in my life and put distance between myself and negative influences.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What does my close group of friends say about me?
2. Do I see myself changing for the better with the friends I have now?
3. Have I chosen my friends based on qualities that matter to me?

I cherish my friendships

Healthy friendships are precious gifts. I protect and preserve them. I recognize that in order to have deep and meaningful friendships, I am charged with taking good care of them.

Developing, nourishing and maintaining relationships with others take effort and focus. I am willing to put in this time because I see the value my friends bring to my life.

When I cultivate my friendships, I build a support network that I can turn to whenever I want or need. Life sometimes brings challenging situations my way, so having people who are there for me grounds me and brings me solace.

Also, when I want to relax with people who understand me, I can turn to my friends. No matter what, my friends are there for me when I seek them out. I am truly grateful for my friendships.

I am fortunate to have my friends. Fate has a way of delivering people, places and things into our lives. To be blessed with the camaraderie of close friends helps me fulfill so many of my dreams. I always have a listening ear and a strong shoulder when I need them. And I have people to rejoice with me in my accomplishments.

Today, I remind myself of how lucky I am to be surrounded by caring, loving friends who support me, regardless of what I am going through. I choose to reflect on how I can show my friends how important they are to me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I feel about my friendships?
2. How can I cultivate enduring friendships that bring me peace and comfort?
3. What are some ways I can show my friends how important they are to me?

I am available for my friends and family

When my friends and family want to spend time with me, I clear my schedule to make room for our relationship. I place my family connections above everything else in my life because they are the strength of my life.

My loved ones trust me to be present when they need me. For my family, I am only a phone call away. I attend special events in my loved ones’ lives because I enjoy celebrating with them.

When my loved ones request my presence at a dinner or any other type of event, I do whatever I can to be there. If someone thinks enough of me to invite me to spend time with them, they are worth clearing my schedule.

Because I love my friends and family, I move my schedule around and free myself up for them. I avoid allowing tragedy and misfortune to be the only times when I make my family a priority.

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones because of the sheer pleasure of being in their presence. Any reason is a good reason to get together with my friends and family. Sometimes, we get together for no reason at all.

On weekends, evenings and days off, I make it a point to spend time alone in relaxation, and then engage with those I love. Instead of coming up with excuses as to why I cannot meet a loved one, I make up reasons to drop everything and go to them.

Today, I choose to accept invitations from my loved ones. I set aside time for an overdue lunch with a friend and designate half an hour of my evening to call a loved one.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Why should I be available to my friends and family?
2. How does my family feel when I am present in their lives?
3. Who do I need to call and invite to an overdue lunch?