I acknowledge that I can only do so much and I am okay with it.

I Can Only Do So Much

I Can Only Do So Much

I let go of the idea that I can always do more if only I try harder. I know I have limits because, after all, I am only human. I leave superhero efforts to the superheroes and enjoy doing what I can without putting undue stress on myself.

I strive to recognize my limits and stay within them. There is nothing wrong with stretching my limits here and there, but continuously trying to work past them only sets me up for failure. When I stay within my limits, I choose success.

Learning to stay within my limits is just like exercising. If I push my muscles beyond their capabilities, I cause injury, which can set me back even further than when I started. However, I can stretch them little by little.

In the same way, I can challenge myself to try new things, just as long as I carefully schedule my time and efforts based on what I know I can do. If someone asks me to do something I do not have the time or skills for, I confidently say “no”. This is far better than misleading them today and disappointing them tomorrow.

I can achieve more by purposefully staying within my limits. Planning my actions around my current skills and abilities allows me to spend my time doing what I know I can do. I avoid wasting my time and energy with the impossible.

Today, I choose to recognize my limits and direct my energy toward performing well within my limits. In this way, I am a success!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I learned to say “no” when people ask too much of me?
2. What happens to me when I am over-stretched?
3. Do I set myself up for success by accurately scheduling my time?