Forgiveness frees me.

When someone wrongs me, I turn to forgiveness quickly before the matter settles in my heart. Forgiving immediately prevents me from generating resentment. Forgiving others right away keeps my heart healthy and happy.

Even when I would be justified in getting even, I choose love over vindication. I care about others enough to overlook unintentional hurts and abrasive responses. Empathy enables me to treat others the way I want to be treated. I enjoy being forgiven. Therefore, I forgive.

Sometimes I find forgiveness easier than at other times. But even in the most trying situations, I am fully capable of putting a matter to rest. The power to let go is found within me. I have the authority to halt negative thoughts from tormenting my mind.

I forgive because letting go is easier than carrying an offense and keeping record of wrongs. Holding a grudge is binding and disabling. When I open my hands and release the resentment I so tightly want to grasp, I become liberated as well.

I free my heart to build meaningful relationships with people when I choose to try to understand them rather than write them off for a wrong they did. I liberate my mind to focus on the positive qualities of others instead of constantly pulling up memories of past hurts.

When others hurt me, I refuse to hurt myself further by holding on to the pain. Instead, I let go of the weight of that pain so I can fly higher.

Today, I choose to forgive others as a gift to myself. Through forgiveness I free myself from the detrimental effects of carrying a grudge.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I feel when I hold a grudge?
2. Why should I forgive quickly?
3. What do I feel when I let go of a hurt?