Personal Reflection Exercises

An hour of relaxation a day helps to keep my doctor at bay

I am healthier because I take the time to relax every day.

I am an active person and enjoy the challenges and activities in my life. I am able to continue enjoying these things because I take the time for daily relaxation. This allows my mind and body to recharge and diffuse all tension and stress.

I am better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and activities because I make relaxation a priority in my life. My health is strengthened because my body and mind are allowed the time to unwind and recharge.

I take pride in my ability to multi-task and succeed in challenging situations. I take pride also in my ability to stay sharp and think on my feet.

I am in good shape physically and my body and mind work together to perform amazing feats. I am able to do these things because I am balanced.

I make relaxation time a top priority in my life.

I relax my muscles before retiring at night by flexing a group of muscles and holding the flex for a few seconds and then releasing it. I do this several times and my body benefits by releasing stress.

I also enjoy deep breathing exercises to relax. I close my eyes, inhale deeply and slowly exhale; doing this several times relaxes my body and my mind. This exercise brings in extra oxygen to nourish my entire body.

Today I will take the time to fully relax my body and mind and I will improve my health by doing so. I can enjoy my challenges and feel good about my successes because I take the time to relax and recharge.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What methods of muscle relaxation do I enjoy?
  2. How does deep breathing make me feel?
  3. How can I schedule relaxation into my life?