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Affirmations – Marriage

My marriage is a priority. I keep my marriage strong and healthy. I treat my partner with respect. I listen attentively to what they have to say. I am polite and courteous. I care about their welfare. I provide support and validation. I cheer them on when they are struggling, and celebrate their victories. I try to see situations from their perspective. I let them know that their feelings matter. I give generously. I pitch in with household tasks without keeping score. I bring my partner presents like their favorite foods and novels. I show affection. I start the...

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Affirmation For Courageous

I am courageous.   Although many issues arise on a daily basis, I remain strong and courageous in the face of adversity. I choose to stay out of the fray and set an example to inspire others.   I face my work responsibilities with a mindset to be helpful and brave. Even through difficult tasks, I press on and complete my responsibilities with courage and zeal.   I carry out my work duties with stoicism and grace, despite feeling inadequate at times.   I think about the world and all its chaos.   As I reflect, I either see...

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Affirmation To Work Out

I motivate myself to work out.   I stick to my workout program. I generate the enthusiasm to exercise on a regular basis.   I think about my reasons for working out. I want to have as many years as possible to share with my family and friends, perform meaningful work, and engage in the activities that I love. I want to feel strong and look fit.   I practice self-care. It is easier to go the gym when I eat nutritious foods and sleep well.   I listen to music. A lively playlist makes me want to move...

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Affirmations For Forgiving

I forgive everyone in my past. I am able to forgive everyone that has ever hurt me. I let go of negativity from previous experiences and set myself free from the prison of grudges, pain, and anger. I remove the bitterness from my heart and mind. Holding onto this pain is unnecessary, unproductive, and keeps me a victim of my past. I choose to move forward into a life without it. I eliminate the desire for revenge from my heart as I allow the universe and karma to handle things instead. I feel that it is important to let...

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Affirmation – Simplicity

I keep things simple. Simple living gives me more time, energy, and freedom. I find beauty in my own version of minimalism. I set priorities and streamline my to-do list. I figure out what matters to me. I get rid of nonessentials and devote more time to the activities that enrich my life. I consume less. I go shopping only when I need something specific. I remember that my happiness is based on my spiritual faith and personal relationships rather than on material possessions. I find more efficient ways to take care of my responsibilities. I learn simple recipes...

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