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Affirmation For Long Lasting Relationship

My relationship is long-lasting and full of love. My partner and I gain a new perspective on life by sharing our lives together. We share many interests and add vibrancy to our lives with our love. I respect my partner’s individuality and boundaries. My partner does the same for me. While we are similar in many ways, we are also different and separate human beings. We actively try to understand and support each other. We avoid trying to control the other. Our communication is healthy, honest, and considerate. I feel comfortable in sharing my issues and concerns. We find...

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Affirmation – Honest Living

I make an honest living. Before focusing on the quality of my work, I ensure that I am working honestly. It is important to me to maintain integrity in my job. Being honest with my employer means letting them know when I am having a difficulty. It is pointless hiding a challenge for fear of being viewed as incompetent. I am confident of my value to the organization, so I avoid doubting my abilities. Whenever I freelance, I charge reasonable rates and provide exactly what I promise. I have repeat customers because I offer them value for their money....

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Affirmation – Physical Challenges Build Mental Toughness

Limitations are only as limiting as my mind allows them to be. I look at having physical challenges as an opportunity to think creatively and still succeed. Having lower back issues is debilitating but I avoid the urge to remain sedentary. I research options for exercise that protect my back while allowing me to stay in shape. This approach produces more favorable results than being inactive. Being physically limited means working smarter to get to the same end goal as someone who is physically sound. I am up for that challenge. When I shift the focus from what I...

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Affirmations – Marriage

My marriage is a priority. I keep my marriage strong and healthy. I treat my partner with respect. I listen attentively to what they have to say. I am polite and courteous. I care about their welfare. I provide support and validation. I cheer them on when they are struggling, and celebrate their victories. I try to see situations from their perspective. I let them know that their feelings matter. I give generously. I pitch in with household tasks without keeping score. I bring my partner presents like their favorite foods and novels. I show affection. I start the...

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Affirmation For Courageous

I am courageous.   Although many issues arise on a daily basis, I remain strong and courageous in the face of adversity. I choose to stay out of the fray and set an example to inspire others.   I face my work responsibilities with a mindset to be helpful and brave. Even through difficult tasks, I press on and complete my responsibilities with courage and zeal.   I carry out my work duties with stoicism and grace, despite feeling inadequate at times.   I think about the world and all its chaos.   As I reflect, I either see...

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