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Affirmations For Forgiving

I forgive everyone in my past. I am able to forgive everyone that has ever hurt me. I let go of negativity from previous experiences and set myself free from the prison of grudges, pain, and anger. I remove the bitterness from my heart and mind. Holding onto this pain is unnecessary, unproductive, and keeps me a victim of my past. I choose to move forward into a life without it. I eliminate the desire for revenge from my heart as I allow the universe and karma to handle things instead. I feel that it is important to let...

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Affirmation – Simplicity

I keep things simple. Simple living gives me more time, energy, and freedom. I find beauty in my own version of minimalism. I set priorities and streamline my to-do list. I figure out what matters to me. I get rid of nonessentials and devote more time to the activities that enrich my life. I consume less. I go shopping only when I need something specific. I remember that my happiness is based on my spiritual faith and personal relationships rather than on material possessions. I find more efficient ways to take care of my responsibilities. I learn simple recipes...

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Reflection – Belief In Myself

Belief in myself makes me stronger. In my current state, I often second guess the decisions I make or thoughts running through my head. I question my judgement at times and am afraid to voice my opinion in front of others. Let these practices all be a thing of the past. I start making changes now. I hold myself in high esteem and recognize that I have the same rights as everyone else. I have the right to freely express my opinions and the right to be heard. I also have the right to uniquely be myself and to...

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Affirmation – Each Time I Fall

Each time I fall, I build the strength to get up and persevere. Life is filled with experiences that teach valuable lessons. When I suffer a setback, I gain a little more strength to overcome the next one. As I experience financial shortfalls, I end up with unwanted credit card debt. But I avoid sinking too deep that I am unable to recover. I reach into my creativity and perseverance to find ways to free myself from debt and maintain good financial health going forward. Being consistent with exercise is sometimes challenging. Whenever I miss a few workouts, I...

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Affirmation To Strengthen Your Relationship

I am open to change in my relationship. I am able to accept changes in my relationship. I understand we evolve as a couple. I am happy to adjust our lives as we maintain our relationship. We grow together instead of falling apart. I know change is an inevitable part of being in a relationship. We ensure our relationship is free from resentment and anger. Although we have our differences, we work on our issues. We avoid the bitterness that appears from hiding our feelings. Instead, we openly discuss our concerns and work through them. I acknowledge that the...

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