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Affirmation To Strengthen Your Relationship

I am open to change in my relationship. I am able to accept changes in my relationship. I understand we evolve as a couple. I am happy to adjust our lives as we maintain our relationship. We grow together instead of falling apart. I know change is an inevitable part of being in a relationship. We ensure our relationship is free from resentment and anger. Although we have our differences, we work on our issues. We avoid the bitterness that appears from hiding our feelings. Instead, we openly discuss our concerns and work through them. I acknowledge that the...

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Affirmation – Balanced LifeStyle

A Balanced LifeStyle saves me from burning out. I have a strong work ethic that keeps me committed to my professional responsibilities. Although I sometimes feel overworked, having balance saves me from burning out. It is important to counteract all my effort at work with some enjoyment. Taking time to celebrate the success of my labor is fulfilling. It keeps me from feeling frustrated by the work ahead of me. That balance is the key to being able to persevere. Each day, I make time for exercise. Removing my mind and body from serious daily routines is therapeutic. It...

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Affirmation – Share Your Laughter

I share my gift of laughter with others. I have an excellent sense of humor. People enjoy spending time with me. My gift of laughter rubs off on others. Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Laughter connects me to other people. I feel closer when I am able to share a humorous moment with someone. Laughter can help to heal my relationships. Anything is possible when humor is present. I can deflect anger and other negative emotions with humor. Humor is one way of lessening my fear. I feel emboldened after laughing. I can handle the challenges of life more...

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Affirmation – Challenges In Life

I easily find solutions to the challenges in my life. I view life as a game. Life presents challenges, and my job is to find the best solution. I enjoy life and enjoy testing myself each day. I feel proud of myself when I am able to find a great solution to a challenge. Solutions come easily to me. I rarely struggle to solve the roadblocks in my life. Even when I do struggle, I quickly remember the many times I have found solutions quickly and easily. This restores my confidence and peace of mind. When faced with a...

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My feet are on the right path

I know I am on the right path for my future. I sense that happiness and fulfillment are within my reach. My feet guide me as I arrive at my full potential. I am capable of amazing things and accomplishments. I have the ability to see the path in front of me. I am excited about my future and work. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the path that inspires me. My life is an adventure! I do work and activities that fulfill me. I enjoy the stops along my path because each one provides a learning opportunity. I...

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