I am honest with others as it allows me to keep a clear conscience.

I stand by the belief that honesty is the best policy. It’s important to treat others the way I would like to be treated. I believe that doing things right contributes to the fulfilling life I deserve.

I wholeheartedly believe that good rarely lurks in lies, even little white lies. When I tell the truth, I experience the peace that comes from knowing that I live out the values I profess. I tell the truth in every situation, because it’s easier to remember the truth than to cover my tracks with lie after lie and add stress to my daily life.

Telling the truth brings me great joy. I encourage others to live with integrity by the example I set every day.

I am a person with a strong conscience. In fact, my conscience is a moral compass. For this reason, I ensure that I am always honest with those I love or in important situations, such as filing my taxes. This allows my mind to stay free to focus on the task at hand and enjoy the present moment.

If I attempt to stray with dishonesty, I immediately receive correction from my conscience and move in the direction of reconciliation. I correct my mistake by sincerely apologizing and making amends.

Today, I build my reputation as an honest person. People respect honesty. Therefore, it is the foundation on which I build my relationships.

Self-Refection Questions:

1. Have I recently told any lies that I need to apologize for?
2. How can I remind myself to tell the truth in every situation?
3. How can I demonstrate my integrity through my words and the way I live my life?