There are many ways to show consideration. The first thing a person does, at an appointed place, is arrive. I know that a first impression begins with me being on time.

Whether I am going to work, meeting a friend, or attending a scheduled appointment, I believe in being punctual. It emphasizes that I respect other people’s time.

Arriving on time sets the tone for the duration of an event. At work, I start the work day with good time management and am able to adhere to my schedule. When I am meeting others, I enable them to stick to their schedule.

Punctuality demonstrates that I am dependable, reliable, and respectful. It seems like a small thing, but it is essential to developing positive relationships. My family, friends, and co-workers recognize me as responsible.

Being punctual requires foresight. I must be aware of my commitments, my available time, and potential obstacles. I grant myself a cushion for travel time, allowing for unforeseeable hindrances. I accept prior planning as necessity.

Like many desirable skills, I work to develop punctuality. I enjoy knowing that others can depend on me, and this encourages me to remain vigilant.

Today, I begin my day by assessing my commitments. I forecast the time needed to travel between events and develop a strategy accordingly. Being on time is one thing I can do to show others what they mean to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What preventative measures can I take to ensure I am punctual?
2. What do I do if I am prevented from being on time?
3. How much time should I allow each day for planning my schedule?