Have you ever been so overwhelmed by your life that you wish you could just chuck it all and live a simpler existence?

What’s fascinating is there are so many ways you can alter your life to make it easier for you and your family to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Living simply encompasses many positive qualities.

Whether you quit your job as an accountant and buy your own little bed and breakfast inn or move closer to the office, sell your car and walk to work, the possibilities are endless in terms of how you can live a simpler life.

Ways that living simply can benefit you

1. You’ll save money. When you restructure your life to live more simply, it usually involves spending less money. The impact of saving money is great if you’ve got children who’ll be going to college. Also, the money you don’t spend due to living simply can be banked for your own retirement.

2. You’ll spend more quality time at home. When you make an effort to simplify, you clear away the chaff. Eliminate activities from your schedule that don’t benefit you. Your spare time increases when you live a simpler life.

3. The things you truly enjoy will be at your fingertips. There are certain items you love and others you can clearly do without. Get rid of the items you no longer have a use for.

* For example, maybe you love your iPad, books, and drawing utensils, but you no longer need your fishing poles, the trampoline, and a closet full of outdated files.

* Living simply gives you quick and easy access to the things you love without having the clutter and mental baggage around you of the things that no longer benefit you. Plus, it will leave more space for the items and activities that bring you pleasure.

4. Your surroundings will be more comfortable. As you adapt a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll find yourself rearranging your home exactly the way you’ve always wanted. You’ll focus on comfort. A good reading light, a cushion behind your back, and a long afternoon to spend in your beloved home may be exactly what you seek to feel the comfort you’ve been lacking.

5. You’ll experience more serenity in your life. After all, when you have fewer personal belongings, there’s less to worry about, clean, and take care of. Tranquility is the end result.

6. Your children will grow up to be less focused on material goods. When you live minimally and raise your children in the same ways, they’ll learn about living a simpler lifestyle. You’ll introduce them to an easier, less frivolous way to live, grow, and prosper.

7. It’s less important to follow the crowd or keep up with the Joneses. As you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of going through the motions just because others do, you’ll eventually arrive at what’s actually the main elements of life for you and your family.

8. Your health will likely improve. If you simplify by buying more locally grown produce and fewer processed foods, your family’s health will improve. More fruits and vegetables and fewer canned and boxed items will reduce unwanted sodium and chemicals in your nutritional diet.

* Remember, there’ll be more time for exercise when you step away from the rat race a well.

9. Your life will revolve around your priorities. What’s important to you? When you simplify, you’ll surround yourself with things that matter to you and participate in activities that have meaning to you.

The benefits of living simply are countless. Depending on how you decide to simplify, you’ll begin to experience more joy and serenity. Cutting out the extra junk in your life will pave the way for you to live exactly the way you want, with a life that’s brimming with activities and things you love. Discover the deeper meaning and purpose of a life lived simply.