The 1st level of real strength. This is where you begin to see life as challenging and exciting rather than overwhelming. You start to have a glimmer of interest in personal growth, although at this level you’ll likely call it something else like skill-building, career advancement, education, and so forth. You begin to see your future as an improvement upon your past, instead of a continuation of the same.

Bravery- This is the level of empowerment. It’s the first level where you’re not taking life energy from those around you. Bravery is where you see that you don’t need to be tossed to and fro by your extraneous conditions. This empowerment leads you to the fruition that you are a steward unto yourself, and that you alone are in charge of your own development and success. This is what makes you inherently human: the fruition that there’s a gap between stimulus and response and that you’ve the potential to decide how to respond.

Define what sort of bravery you’re seeking. If you don’t define what bravery means to you, you might be tempted to chase socio-idealized forms of bravery which, even if attainable, wouldn’t make you a better individual. The best definition of worthwhile bravery is “moral courage.” You might also want to add fearlessness of daily challenges, or absence of hesitation to help someone in need. This is highly individual, and completely depends upon your personality and your goals.

Be both realistic and optimistic. Be optimistic when it will help you better yourself or inspire other people. Be realistic when you need to develop a plan of action. Pick based on which will help the most in a given situation. But never, ever, be pessimistic. Pessimism is doubt, which is the enemy of progress.


This level is typified by the phrase, “live and let live.” It’s pliable, relaxed, and uncommitted. Whatever happens, you roll with the punches. You don’t have anything to prove. You feel secure and get along well with others. A lot of self-employed individuals are at this level. A very comfortable place. The level of self-satisfaction and laziness. You’re taking care of your needs, but you don’t push yourself overly hard.

Disinterest- Disinterest is the level of flexibleness. To be neutral, you’re, for the most part, uncommitted to outcomes. At this level, you’re satisfied with your current life position and tend not to have a lot of motivation towards self improvement or excellence in your career. You recognize the possibilities but don’t make the sacrifices called for to accomplish a higher level.

You’ll deepen your sense of self-satisfaction if you let-go of delusional ideas and center on the little things that are more readily accessible, do-able and manageable. When you do this, things will gradually unfold before you in a way that’s right for you, at that particular time in your life. So, one of the key ingredients towards leading a prosperous and fulfilling life is to ensure that you’re flexible in both thought and action. Do what is essential to make the ascent natural, for rewards are around you already, if you were keen to notice them…

So dear reader you don’t have to give-up, you don’t have to agonize over those you’re attempting to model, you don’t have to feel inadequate at any stage as long as you keep to you true self, work hard, because now you comprehend that Life really is non-linear..

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