Fear is a natural part of life but success is determined by whether I stand up or succumb to that fear. I have the courage to move forward in spite of my fears.

Within me is the strength to stand up to the silencing effects of fear. I have the courage to speak for myself and allow my voice to be heard. While fear tries to paralyze me, the courage in my soul sets me free.

The fear of rejection is unable to stop me from trying. I conquer my fears with steadfast determination, instead of becoming immobilized by apprehension.

The voice of insecurity tries to barricade me from the world with feelings of inadequacy. I ignore those feelings and allow self-confidence to accompany me wherever I go.

I have been created with love for a specific purpose. My future is mine to claim and is worth fighting for. I conquer fear, doubt, and disbelief though a clear understanding of who I am and my destiny.

Critical and condemning words said to me fall on deaf ears. Only encouragement and positive messages are allowed to reach my ears. I strengthen myself by being selective about what I allow my mind to meditate on.

Self-confidence gives me courage against the fear of inferiority. I am worthy to be where I am and I perform my job well. I am free from the need to make others look bad in order to feel good about myself.

Today, I choose to believe my best day is ahead of me. My passion for success is stronger than my fear of failure.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How does fear affect me?
2. What can I do today to conquer at least one fear?
3. How can I learn to overlook criticism from others?