This is the level of saints and furthered spiritual individuals. As love becomes more unconditional, there follows a ceaseless accompaniment of true felicity. No personal tragedy or world event may ever shake somebody living at this level of consciousness. They appear to inspire and lift all those who come in contact with them. Your life is now in complete concord with the will of Divinity and the fruits of that harmony are conveyed in your delight.

Delight – A state of permeating, unshakable felicity. The level of saints and furthered spiritual teachers. Just being around individuals at this level makes you feel unbelievable. At this level life is amply guided by synchronicity and intuition. There’s no longer need to set goals and arrive at detailed plans — the expansion of your consciousness lets you operate at a much greater level. A near-death experience can temporarily knock you to this level.

True happiness, on the other hand, can never be found through seeking it. It’s a state of being and just happens. As a matter of fact, the greatest barrier to accomplishing true happiness is attempting to find it!

As long as we are seeking happiness we’ll always be in the process of becoming happy instead of just being happy.

In our search for more happiness, we ceaselessly judge our present experience as inadequate or lacking.
Instead of trying to be happy, a far better approach is to learn to be present here and now. The average adult is rarely present in the moment, being constantly distracted with the 100,000 thoughts that pass daily through the average mind.

The most effective way of accomplishing true happiness, however, is through regular meditation. Meditation helps us to detach from our thoughts and to anchor ourselves in the here and now. In the absence of thought, everything we seek is already there.


Peace is accomplished after a life of complete surrender to the Creator. It’s where you have surpassed all and have entered that place that Hawkins calls illumination. Here, a hush and silence of mind is accomplished, allowing for constant revelation. Only 1 in 10 million (that’s .00001 percent) individuals will arrive at this level.

Peace – Total transcendency. This level is accomplished only by one person in ten million.…

Your path to Peace usually starts with a strong need to change things in your life. That need is often frustrated by not knowing how to accomplish that change.

It’s as if something is needed to complete them. In searching many attempt to “find themselves” by traveling, studying, changing jobs or even regularly flip-flopping between relationships to find that missing something. At best they might fill that incompleteness, only to realize they’ve a short-term compromise when the missing feeling returns.

Peace of mind is experienced when the stormy waves of the mind squelch down. Real peace of mind is the companion of the hush of the mind.

You get peace of mind not by thinking of it or imagining it, but by calming and relaxing the restless mind. Inner peace produces outer peace. The mind is like a room that’s always occupied. There’s no free space there. When it becomes vacant, peace of mind dominates. True peace of mind isn’t contingent on circumstances. It comes from the inside. Learn to quiet the winds of your mind, and you’ll enjoy great inner peace. Negative feelings and negative thoughts keep peace of mind away. Meditate on a regular basis, think only positively, aspire to find the consciousness beyond the mind, and peace will be yours. When you cleared your mind, you enjoy peace of mind. True peace is found in this moment. Toleration is the 1st step to inner calm. Peace is attained not by ignoring troubles, but by solving them.

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