I detach myself from pain.

I am able to separate myself from any pain. I detach myself from physical, emotional, and mental pain.

My focus is on strength and courage instead of the pain.

My body is able to overcome my pain. I consciously free my mind and physical being from the aches.

I am free from the emotional pain that appears because of disappointment. I understand that revenge and anger are negative emotions that only increase my own suffering. I am able to refocus my mind, so these issues disappear.

I detach from the hurt that comes from unrealistic expectations.

I free myself from the pain that weighs down my spirit. I reject negativity that makes me feel unloved and unwanted. I eliminate the aches that make me forget my life’s purpose and journey.

I release the pain that is in my mind.

I know which treatments and remedies help my body. I know who can help me stay on a positive path toward optimal health. I understand how to nourish my mind and body, so pain stops being a factor in my life.

Today, pain is a minor and insignificant part of my existence. My body is able to overcome all aches. My mind is able to release suffering and focus on love.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What can I do to decrease the pain in my body and make it disappear?
2. How can I make positive lifestyle changes that will eliminate aches and pain?
3. What can I do to stop the pain that comes from disappointment and anger?