I pursue my dreams with passion.

My dreams are important to me because they are my assignments in life. Believing in the power of my dreams is what allows me to see my dreams come to fruition. Every day, I do everything within my power to pursue my dreams. I exercise my spiritual muscles in order to run the race with strength and endurance.

I believe the only way to achieve success is to live with intense passion. If anything is worth doing, it is worth giving my all to. My heart is tied to every task that I set out to do and I am certain about my goals and the direction in which my life is headed.

I allow myself plenty of time for mental and physical rest in order to perform at my best. Discipline and diligence are my nourishment. Every decision that I carefully make brings me one step closer to my dreams. My steps are purposefully ordered. I am in charge of my future and leave nothing up to chance.

I am diligent about reaching my goals. I carefully plan every move I make to ensure that it is a beneficial use of my time. My plans reflect my life’s priorities and my time and money are spent on that which I value most. My integrity places me at an advantage over my opposition.

I keep my goals squarely in sight so I can remain focused. I am fierce about reaching my dreams and I am confident in my ability to do so.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my motivation?
2. Am I being proactive in my decision-making?
3. What can I do to pursue my dreams more diligently?