I perform every task as if it were my most important task.

I am dedicated to the fine details. Even when I do seemingly monotonous daily chores, I put my heart into it and give it everything I have.

I complete my work because I choose to. My attitude makes all the difference in how I perform a task. If I think of the task as a chore, then I complete it with disdain. That is why I choose to think of chores as opportunities for me to sharpen skills.

I think of the people who love to do what I have to do. I ask myself how they feel when performing the task. By putting myself in the shoes of someone who loves what I have to do, I change my perspective and adopt a new attitude. I strive to find the joy in every situation.

While it’s easy to just want to be done with a task, my goal is always to present my best regardless of how long it takes. I think of someone who I admire and imagine that the work that I am doing is for them.

When things look grim, I take a deep breath and calmly think through the situation. I have too much talent inside of me to quit. The harder things get, the greater my chance to shine. As the clouds roll in to cloud my view, it is clear for me to see my opportunity for learning.

Today, I choose to approach everything I encounter with excellence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it important to work with excellence?
2. How does my attitude affect my work?
3. Do I see challenges as opportunities to shine?