Affirmation to treasure Family time
Each day, I set aside time to spend with my loved ones. Just as I make time for working, eating, and sleeping, I make time for my family. Jobs come and go, but the moments I spend with my family last forever.

I value any time I spend with my family. Whether I am able to spend long hours or only a few minutes daily, it is always a pleasure to spend it with my family.

By making time for my family, I am building a legacy of love and togetherness to pass on to my children. My actions make it clear to my family that they are important to me. My children have a healthy self-concept because they feel valued.

I feel refreshed after spending time with my family. I make the most of the time we spend together. I look for ways to make everyone laugh aloud and enjoy the time as much as I do.

Family time breaks up the monotony of everyday life. When I allow my loved ones the freedom to speak their hearts and have fun, I also feel free.

I refrain from complaining during family time by focusing on the positive. My uplifting words fall into the hearts of my children and help them feel good about themselves.

Today, I choose to connect and engage with my family in a positive way. I make time for us to be together.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is my favorite family activity?
2. How can I increase the amount of time my family enjoys together?
3. How can I improve the quality of my family’s time together?