Each morning I awake feeling confident and capable to handle the day’s challenges.

I know that I can rise with confidence each morning because I use strategies that ensure this result. Prayer, meditation, affirmations, and a successful goal-setting technique all lend a hand to my confidence. So does my optimistic attitude!

The last thing I do every night to prepare for the morning ahead is to pray and give thanks for all that I have. Then I meditate and visualize my success. Living my dreams in this way every night helps me to wake up with confidence about the day ahead. After all, I’ve already seen the success this day will bring!

Affirmations provide me with an extra boost of positive self-talk during my day. They help me develop successful habits and make wise decisions that lead me toward my goals. When a challenge arises to try and stop me, I know with certainty that I can find a way to conquer it and continue on.

My goal-setting technique works wonders! In dividing my goals into a series of small, attainable tasks, I set myself up for sure success. My action plan is my road map and I know that all I have to do is take one step at a time and I will end up at my desired destination.

Challenges can slow me down a bit, or make me take a slight detour, but I actively seek solutions as the issues arise. I remain flexible so that I can take decisive action toward my solution without delay.

Today, I plan to tackle my challenges head on and take action to move forward regardless of their feeble efforts to stop me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What challenge tried to stop me today? Did I let it?
2. How can I instill more confidence in myself?
3. Have I tried praying and meditating every night to release my tension and envision my success?