Friendship is abundant in my life.

The people I know are good to me. And I know a lot of people! This makes it easy to choose friends. There is always someone near me who would like to have a closer relationship with me. Because of this, friendship is abundant in my life.

I find it easy to socialize with others. After all, they have so much to teach me. And everyone can also learn from me. Each person I encounter lacks some piece of knowledge that I have, which would enrich their life if I share it. So I choose to share as often as I can.

I am thankful for all of the people who care for me. And I tell them so regularly. Hearing that they are valued, they want to spend more time with me. And they, in turn, value me. This makes cultivating friendships easy.

If I ever feel lonely, I remember that loneliness is a normal human emotion. It lets us know that we need more companionship. When I experience this feeling, I reach out to someone as soon as I can. Whether I call, text message, or e-mail them, we both feel renewed by our interaction.

Although I pay attention to my need for solitude to complete my personal projects, I make sure to maintain my friendships too. After all, they are what I need if life gets rocky. Because I take time for my friends, these relationships abound in my life.

Today, I feel blessed by my relationships. And my friendships have a special place among these. I commit today to making sure that each of my friends knows how important they are to me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. When was the last time I enjoyed hanging out with a friend?
2. How did I feel afterward?
3. Could one of my friends benefit from me reaching out to them today?