Healthy Body and Mind

Healthy Body and Mind

I deserve a healthy body and mind.

I am worthy of having a fit body and a sound mind.

I am a good person who is worthy of having a healthy body and a healthy mind. I am worth taking care of and I love myself enough to put my health first.

Just as I take special care of my family and even my animals and plants, I take special care of myself. By taking care of myself I will have more to offer others, but I also take care of myself because I deserve to be healthy.

I make sure that my family has healthy foods to eat, a clean house to live in, and clean clothes to wear. I listen to them when they talk to me. I provide my family with healthy bodies and healthy minds because I love them.

Just as I take care of my family, I choose to take care of myself, too. I make sure I have a clean house to live in, clean clothes to wear, and healthy food to eat. I spend time relaxing and recharging my mind because I love me. I love me because I am worth loving.

Today I will take an inventory of myself and I will list the things about me that I love. I acknowledge my accomplishments and my traits that I enjoy. I give myself credit for being a strong, intelligent and caring person who is worthy of a healthy body and mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I love about me?
  2. What accomplishments am I most proud of?
  3. How have I taken care of my body and my mind?