I value my body and treat it well.

My body is the shell that holds my mind and soul. I know that in order to preserve those, I must take care of my body. When I take good care of my body, my mind, body, and soul all work together to bring health and fulfillment to my life.

When I am rested, my body is more active and energetic. I am able to get more done when I perform at high energy levels.

Exercise helps me maintain a healthy body weight. I avoid overeating in order to get maximum results from my workouts. I perform a combination of cardio and strength training. This approach helps me build strength and endurance.

My diet is filled with nutritious foods. I ensure that I get adequate servings of fruits and vegetables for proper body functioning. My skin glows and my hair is strong when I eat nutritiously.

I avoid exposing my body to too much sun. I know that excessive sun exposure causes skin damage, so I do what I can to keep my skin in great condition.

I stay far away from toxins that can wreak havoc on my system. Toxins from cigarette smoke, alcohol, and processed food do damage to my body. I avoid exposure to them at all costs.

Today, my body’s well being continues to be very important to me. I know that I have only one body. I desire to do what is necessary to preserve it.

Self-Reflection Questions
1. What adjustments do I make when I am unable to get a full night’s sleep?
2. Do I encourage my loved ones to treat their bodies well?
3. Do I sometimes need support from others to stay on track?