I embrace a healthy lifestyle.

I love to live a healthy life! I love how my body responds when it is one hundred percent healthy. And because I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, I embrace every opportunity I get to do what is needed to maintain it.

I take part in activities that keep my mind sharp. When my mind is sharp, I feel like I can conquer any obstacle. I feel focused and confident when I am mentally on target so I do what is needed to maintain that state of being.

I make every effort to read and gain knowledge. I accept that knowledge is power, and I know that having mental power allows me to achieve greatness. I always make time to learn new things because I feel I am viewed in high regard when I am knowledgeable.

My choice of diet is geared towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are times I give in to temptations to eat unhealthy, indulgent foods, but I am sure to avoid making it a habit. I combat each unhealthy eating choice with several healthy ones.

Exercise is a part of my day-to-day activities. I feel physically sound when I include exercise in my healthy lifestyle. I am strong and quick when I am physically fit.

Today, I consciously embrace a healthy lifestyle. I love being healthy because I feel like I can accomplish more. Physical and mental fitness can provide the answers to many of life’s tough challenges and even help me avoid many difficulties, especially as I grow older.

Healthy Lifestyle Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I encourage others to embrace healthy living?
2. Do I feel a negative impact when I defer my healthy lifestyle for a few days?
3. Does my healthy lifestyle prevent me from enjoying life or help me enjoy it more?