How To Control Frustration Affirmation – I have found ways to express my feelings rather than act out my frustrations.

I can express myself in healthy ways because I am in control of my frustrations.

Because I am able to communicate my feelings in healthy ways, I am free to experience a full range of feelings and emotions. I have tools and techniques to control my frustrations, and this allows me to communicate in positive ways.

I enjoy the freedom to feel all my emotions.

I utilize techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, to control my frustrations so I need not fear inappropriate expressions of my feelings. Before communicating my feelings, I take several deep breaths, which clears my mind and relaxes my body.

There are times when I need to take a time out before expressing feelings of frustration. This time allows me to look at my role in the situation.

After breathing deeply and reflecting, I am calm and can then express myself in healthy ways.

Using the same tools, I am able to appropriately express feelings of happiness and excitement as well.

I give myself permission to fearlessly feel my emotions and express them freely.

Today I will breathe deeply before expressing frustration. I will feel relaxed and recharged and will communicate in healthy ways.

If I feel frustrated, I will take the time to look at my role in the situation. I will explore my expectations and be able to communicate my feelings in a healthy way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I feared my own feelings or expressing them?
2. Have I taken the time to look at my own expectations?
3. Have I been able to communicate my feelings in healthy ways?