I live with my physique every day. I know my physical self is an important aspect of the impression I make on others, so I strive to be aware of my body’s needs and attend to them.

Taking care of my skin, teeth, and hair also helps me realize my positive physical attributes. When I look in the mirror, I focus on what is positive about my body.

I feel a certain sense of pride about my body. Because I am intricately connected with it, I ensure I think only positive thoughts about my physique.

Although there are a few areas I want to change, I still find myself seeing the good in what I have been given. I know that if I work hard, I can enhance my body and keep it healthy.

When I decide to make a change in my body, whether it is toning and strengthening my muscles or losing a few pounds, I notice how well my body responds. I am fascinated by the fact that when I work for the physical attributes I desire, my body works for me.

Today, I ponder the best features of my body, as well as those areas I seek to change. I love the idea that I can decide to change certain attributes if I so desire. Ultimately, accepting my body just the way it is brings me peace and happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What are the best features of my body?
2. If I decide to change some aspect of my physique, do I still think positively about my body as I am making the change?
3. What steps can I take to accept my body the way it is?