Affirmation – Each day, I affirm my positive feelings about my body.

I am blessed to live in a body that does so much for me. I cherish and nurture all of my physical gifts, and each day, I affirm my positive feelings about my body.

Before I eat, I take a moment to remind myself of why I choose healthy food. And as I eat, I nourish myself not only with nutrients, but also with the pleasures of eating.

With every bite, I savor the smell, taste, and texture of my food. I actively treasure my body’s capacity for enjoyment.

I also relish physical exercise. Because I enjoy moving in my body, I stay active. I stretch while waiting in line, frequently get up from my desk or workspace, and set aside some time each week just to do something physical that I enjoy. I may dance, lift weights, or do yoga, but whatever I do, I do with gratitude for how my body serves me.

Just as I devote time to taking care of myself physically, I invest the mental energy needed to feel good about myself. I consciously cherish my body’s capacity for pleasure, motion, and health.

In addition to loving my body through action and thought, I also take time to appreciate my physical attributes, like my nice eyes, strong jaw, or shapely legs. Or perhaps I am proud of the hard work I have put in to make myself look the way I do today. Whatever the case, I express gratitude daily for my body.

Today, I affirm positive feelings about my body. I value all of my attractive attributes and physical capabilities. I feel confident in my body and commit to expressing this daily.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. In what ways can I nurture my body today?
2. When do I most enjoy being physical?
3. What truthful praise would I most like to hear about my body right now?