I allow the feeling of change to create peace in my life.

The one constant of nature is change. Nothing in life is completely static, and that is a good thing, too, because change opens the door to a myriad of possibilities every day. This knowledge brings me peace and fuels optimism for my future.

When I am going through a troubling time in my life, I can feel comfort in the knowledge that, “This, too, shall pass.” Without a doubt, things will change. If I am at a low point, the only place to go when things change again is up.

I am grateful that I have the power to change my life. If I am not satisfied with something, I can transform it to something better, discover the silver lining in the situation, or change my interpretation to a more positive outlook.

The tools that help me achieve happiness and success work because of the power of change. Take affirmations, for example. They work because they can change my outlook, attitudes, and entire life by changing one thought at a time.

Self-improvement tools work because of the power of change. I know that I can develop new skills and capabilities for a better future.

Change is good! I let go of any desire to resist changes in my life and embrace new opportunities. I allow a peaceful feeling to envelop me, even in the midst of constant change.

Today, I choose to look forward to, and take advantage of, any opportunities presented to me by the changes of the day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What recent change in my life has provided me an excellent opportunity?
2. Do I take advantage of the power of change to improve my life?
3. Do I allow a feeling of peace to come over me when I think about changes?