I am focused on my goals and dreams.

I allow myself to dream big dreams and set goals accordingly. Then I take action to make them happen.

When I set a goal, the first thing I do is divide the goal into a series of steps I can take to get me there. Each step is an easily attainable task. I schedule the easiest tasks at the beginning so I can jump right in and gain forward momentum toward my goal.

Easy tasks also keep me focused on my goal. Each task I complete successfully gives me confidence to keep moving. I know I am one step closer to my goal and it makes me eager to take the next step.

I acknowledge that, no matter what path we choose in life, there will be challenges. I also know that success comes to those who persevere. So I do my best to anticipate challenges and discover their solutions.

My action plan is my map to my treasure! Even if I need to change my path to go around a bump in the road, I do not get lost. By keeping my focus on my dream, I find my way back, certain that success awaits me.

I use tools, such as affirmations, meditation, and visualization to keep me focused on my goals. I see the trappings of success within me and I feel gratitude for this wonderful life.

Today, my plan is to remain focused on my goals and dreams, no matter what challenges may arise.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I allow myself to dream big dreams?
2. Have I written my action plan with steps I can take to reach my goals?
3. What tools do I use to keep me focused on my goals?

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