I have many people in my life who love and care about me. They lift me up when I am having a bad day and keep me strong through my struggles. They also share in my joys and celebrations.

Having people like this in my life creates a positive support system that I can always rely on.

I am open to accepting the support of others. It may feel awkward or uncomfortable at times, but it is always beneficial to me. Knowing that others are there to encourage me brings me great strength.

I am fully receptive to the positive energy others send my way. I show more courage in allowing others to support and help me than when I handle my hardships alone.

I am happier and more powerful when I feel loved and supported by others. My life is more balanced when I am open to love and support.

Today I will remain open to the love and reinforcement of others. I will share my problems with them and allow them to support me. This will enable the positive, loving energy to openly flow into my life.

I will be receptive when those who love me offer constructive criticism.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What things can I do to help myself become more open?
2. What blocks have I formed which prevent me from accepting support?
3. What problems do I have that I can share?