My Loved Ones

My Loved Ones

I accept my loved ones the way they are. Each one of their quirks is another reason to love them even more. Our bond goes beyond any annoying habit.

I can overlook my loved ones’ idiosyncrasies because my world would be boring without their diversity. I appreciate the uniqueness of my family.

Idiosyncrasies in my loved ones’ personalities are like the stars in the sky; they brighten up the dullness of darkness. If we were all the same, the world would seem plain and dark.

I am glad that we’re all different. I am always amused at the unexpected. My loved ones are spontaneous. They keep me looking forward to what will come next.

I encourage those around me to be who they are. I am glad that my loved ones feel free and comfortable enough to open themselves to me.

My loved ones know that I accept and treasure them. I value them as my gift from heaven.

Whenever I have a hard time getting past someone’s idiosyncrasies, I keep in mind that I have my own peculiarities. Since I have a strong sense of identity, I am able to treat others the way I would like to be treated.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Which of my own personality traits may be difficult for others to accept?
  2. How do I feel when others accept me unconditionally?
  3. How can I show my loved ones that I appreciate their idiosyncrasies?