Holiday memories are worth cherishing and holding onto. I have memories of my loved ones that I think about each holiday season. I enjoy making new memories with loved ones throughout the holidays. Because I know what and who matters in my life, I am able to have good holidays each and every year.

I look at all the people who are important in my life and I remember them fondly. I spend time with those who are still here with me. I pause to think highly of those who have already gone on before me. That helps keep those people fresh in my mind and heart. There is plenty of room for love during any holiday season.

Each holiday, I stop to reflect on the holidays of the past. There are many good memories there. This makes me happy, and I dwell on the good memories and avoid any bad ones. The past is unchangeable, but I choose how I look at it. I choose to remember past joys and forget past sorrows.

There is only room in my mind for happiness. I see only joyful moments when I think about past holidays. There was laughter and love, and I carry that feeling with me in the present and into the future. I pass my wonderful holiday memories on to the next generation, so they may have them to enjoy during their holidays.

Today, I appreciate all the wonderful holiday memories I make with loved ones.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to keep holiday memories of loved ones alive?
2. How can I make new memories to treasure with the older ones?
3. Are there ways I can help others to cherish their holiday memories?