I commit to fully discussing my thoughts and feelings because I know that the key to a fulfilling life is through healthy relationships, and the only way to achieve healthy relationships is through a continual dedication to openness and honesty.

I let go of the idea that people should be able to read my mind. By communicating my feelings and concerns, I allow others an accurate picture of what is going on in my life, which gives a starting point for setting things right.

I have also let go of the idea that I can read other people’s minds. I may think I know what is going on, but to be sure, I take the time to gently ask questions and actively listen.

When I ask questions, I listen without interrupting. Then I repeat what I heard so we can both be certain that we are on the same page.

My family, close friends, and I all have the same central goal; we want what is best for each other. The way we help each other achieve this is through open and honest communication.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I expect people to read my mind?
2. Do I assume what people are thinking without taking the time to ask them?
3. What am I doing to facilitate communication in my relationships?