I understand that communication is the key to building successful relationships. Effectively communicating my feelings allows me to strengthen my bond with loved ones by essentially being an “open book.”

For this reason, I take strides towards communicating effectively each day. To me, effective communication is about more than honesty. It is centered on being considerate of the feelings of others when choosing the ideal way to communicate my thoughts.

When confronting tough situations, I try to lessen the sting of my message by choosing my words carefully. I stand by the saying “treat others as I would like to be treated.”

Because of the thoroughness of my communication and the thought I put into each interaction, my relationships now stand as strong as steel and as high as pillars!

At times, I find it challenging to convey exactly what I am feeling in the most eloquent manner. However, I am determined to gain respect for myself and treat others with a likeminded attitude.

I am outspoken and I stand up for myself when the time is right. However, I always remain respectful and tactful when doing so. I stay classy even in the most difficult confrontations.

When I sense that others are being mean spirited, I address the behavior in a positive and effective way. I deserve respect because I communicate respectfully to others. I treat others as valuable, and I communicate to others that I expect to be treated that way also.

Today, I pat myself on the back for communicating my feelings respectfully and effectively. When I do so, everyone involved benefits from the effectiveness of my communication.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I shy away from confrontation?
2. How can I keep my cool during difficult situations?
3. How can I increase my confidence to strengthen my communication with others?