Challenges often arise for a reason. At times they can pave the way to achieving my goals in ways I never previously thought of. When I look at them as a good thing, I can often discover their blessings.

On the other hand, if I think of them as merely an obstacle in my way, I tend to miss out on their benefit. In fighting a challenge, my focus is on what is wrong instead of what I can get out of it. Naturally, if I focus on what is wrong, solutions to move forward tend to elude me!

I see challenges as the silver lining of the fabric of life. It is up to me to discover this silver lining and take advantage of its opportunities.

A challenge can bring me a unique way of looking at a situation. It invariably results in new knowledge that I find useful in my quests. And sometimes it takes me on a new adventure altogether. In all of these situations, there are opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

Therefore, instead of bemoaning every challenge that comes my way, I automatically look for the silver lining. When I find it, I take action to use it to my advantage. Consequently, I find that most of the time challenges bring me something good.

Today, I look forward to discovering the unplanned opportunities that the normal challenges of the day can bring.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I think of challenges as a bad thing?
2. What is the silver lining in one of my current challenges?
3. How can it help me?