I have the influence to help my children become secure and self-reliant adults. I expose my children to a variety of activities to spark their interests and tap into their creativity. My goal is to inspire them to be the best they can be.

I allow my children the freedom to choose their extracurricular activities instead of forcing them to participate. I respect my children’s wishes without pushing my own personal agenda on them.

The way I speak to my children builds up their self-esteem. I avoid speaking in anger to my children; I take time to calm down so I can educate them in the most positive way. I use encouraging language rather than criticism.

I remind my children constantly of great things they have done in the past and I assure them that their best day lies ahead. My children consider me their number one cheerleader because I have made it clear that I believe in them.

Whenever my children face a situation beyond their control, I resist the urge to fix it for them. Instead, I help them think through their options and choose a responsible course of action.

Assisting my children in taking care of their own needs, rather than attempting to do it all myself, helps them develop a sense of accomplishment. My children are proud to be who they are because I model self-acceptance for them.

Today, I choose to increase the amount of freedom I give my children to build their self-confidence. By viewing my role as that of guide rather than guard, I empower my children to think critically and act responsibly.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Why is it important to speak to my children with encouragement?
2. How can I build up my children’s self-confidence?
3. What choices have I been making for my children that they could be making for themselves?