I love spending time with my children

Time With Children

Time With Children

I love spending time with my children for many reasons. One of the things I love most about them is the way they remind me to live in the moment. Unlike many adults, kids are generally uninhibited by the need to perform.

They find great joy in the simple pleasures of life: catching fireflies, riding a bike, reading a good book or drawing a pretty picture for a friend.

They can get caught up in their interests for hours, pursuing it with single-minded attention. When I spend time with them, I remember what it means to be absorbed in the moment, to be so fascinated that I am open to all its beauty and opportunities.

My children also model unconditional love for me. Oh, they do get angry! But children are remarkably forgiving and trusting. They know that, regardless of whatever mistakes I make, I have their best interests at heart.

I strive to maintain that same openness in my life. I allow those I love some leeway, daring to trust their love, even if we occasionally disagree.

I allow myself to slow down and re-experience the simple pleasures in life. I let go of the idea that time well-spent must involve something that can be billed or bought.

I am content to sit and blow bubbles with my daughter or bake cookies with my son, knowing that they are the ones who know what it means to truly live.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I played with my children?
2. What have I learned from a child recently?
3. What time can I set aside this week to play with my child?

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  1. Oh my god I thought I was the only one in the world. I literally love spending time with my son. I mean I would rather spend all day every day and evening with him than with anybodies. I love my friends and all that but nobody inspires me as much as him and he is only 5. We are pretty much inseparable and I don’t get why that’s even slightly bad? People are always saying oh you need a break and you should get out but who made the rules? Who are all these people that they think I should be out doing whatever rather than enjoying the person whom I love most in the world. We are a team. He was 11 weeks premature and since the day I found out I was pregnant I have been super mindfull and protective of him. No I don’t smother him he knows his own mind and is a very happy little man but we just enjoy being together. Please tell me there are more mothers like me. I am a super happy person. A personal trainer and dance teacher, I have a happy life etc. But I have not been out in over a year and I’m okay with that. I don’t leave him with any baby sitter, he has never been left with anyone he doesn’t know well of never for any longer than a couple of hours. My theory has always been if you have a child they are your responsibility. And you chose to have these awesome little people so they need you to be there for them. Truth be told I need him too. He rocks.

  2. Hi love your story and totally agree with you I also have a 5 year old son who was premature and I adore him we had ivf to have and waited so long we spend all our time together and like you people comment and air their views and it is so annoying but we have to look at our relationship we have don’t we with them they are happy children and loved so much. I work part time have since he was born and would never have missed out a single day with him people say I should work ore he’s going to school soon or get a childminder but I don’t want to I want to be with him and not miss a thing of watching I’m grow up! I’m a nurse and like you have busy days but my priority is my son . Like you I don’t go out much neither does my husband but that’s how’s we like it being with our son and people are so quick to judge aren’t they. Hope you have much more happiness watching your son grow up I think your an amazing mum x

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