Overcome Addiction

Overcome Addiction

I receive the energy to free my body from addiction.

When I allow myself to believe I am more than my impulses, I receive the energy I need to free my body from addiction.

I know that ridding myself of addiction is a lifelong challenge, but I also know that it gets easier to hold at bay the longer I continue to resist.

Those days when I feel like I can barely hang on, I am strengthening the inner muscles of my mind and spirit so that similar challenges in the future will not seem as difficult or draining.

Each temptation is an inner workout. I acknowledge the muscle burn, but I forge on because I know that doing so is the only way to build up my strength.

I am confident that success leads to more success. Freeing myself from addiction is like running up a winding, rocky road. I push through the exhaustion and take the next step because I know that each time I do, I am a little closer to my goal.

I am not afraid to ask for help. Just as athletes have trainers, I also take advantage of those people who are able and willing to support and encourage me as I tackle this challenge.

For my advisors, I choose people who know what it’s like to struggle and stretch, to grow and win, so that I may use their wisdom to overcome my challenges.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I have realistic expectations about the lifelong nature of addiction recovery?
  2. Do I believe, and act on the belief, that standing strong this time will make it easier to do so next time?
  3. Do I make use of others out there who can support me and help me strengthen my inner muscles?

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