I love my spouse the way I want to be loved. With every word I speak and everything I do, my goal is to honor them. My spouse’s heart is a gift that I nurture and care for.

My relationship with my partner is built on mutual trust. Because I abstain from judging them, they are free to be who they truly are around me. The freedom and trust that come from a judgment-free relationship cause our marriage to flourish in all areas.

I avoid evaluating my spouse because I am not above them. As an equal to my spouse, I offer help in any way I can without appearing arrogant. Remembering that I am not perfect myself, I offer boundless grace to my life partner. Instead of judging or criticizing, I pray for their personal growth journey.

My spouse has many amazing qualities on which I focus instead of on the quirks that may at times bother me. When I think of the positive impact my partner has had in my life and the lives of those around us, my heart bursts with great admiration for them.

In every situation, I give my spouse the benefit of the doubt because I believe that their intentions are always pure. Every chance I get to speak to my spouse, I accept the opportunity to build up their spirit and self-image.

Today, I choose to apply the golden rule to my marriage by refraining from judging my spouse. I feel privileged to be able to speak intimately with my spouse as no one else can, and I take that responsibility seriously.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I treating my spouse’s heart like the gift that it is?
2. What happens to my partner’s self-esteem when I abstain from judging them?
3. Which of my spouse’s positive qualities will I focus on today?