When I am faced with a situation that is out of my control, I remain calm. I simply place the situation on a shelf and walk away. Patiently, I wait for answers. While I wait, I am relaxed and confident. I let go of the need to control every situation.

My thoughts are focused on the things I can control. I have dominion over myself because my thoughts and actions are under my command. By exercising self-control, I am a source of encouragement in difficult situations.

Things I cannot control are unable to affect me. They roll off my back like water off a swan. I do not dwell on things beyond my control because I accept my limits.

Understanding that things don’t always go my way, I humble myself to the sovereignty of life. What I can do is put on the garments of a positive attitude even when I don’t get my way.

I accept that I cannot control others. Without using manipulation, I try to help and influence others, but I do not expect them to bend to my will.

If I feel myself getting frustrated over something beyond my control, I remove myself from the situation and relax. Taking a warm bath lets me soak my cares away. Using candles and soft music, I cleanse myself of the desire to control what I cannot.

Even when I think there is a better way, I am a team player. I do not value my own point of view above everyone else’s opinion.

When I relax I am free from insecurity. My mind is focused on positive things. I am mature enough to accept the bad with the good and what I cannot control with what I can. I have peace and serenity.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What are the things that I can control?
2. How can I keep my peace when things don’t go my way?
3. How can I influence others without being controlling?