I show initiative.

When I want to have a new relationship, excel in my career, or begin a new venture, I show initiative. Each day, I consciously take on the responsibility to go after my goals and bring my hopes and dreams to life.

I recognize that I hold the power to create the life I desire.

To me, having initiative means that I am ready at all times to pursue something that I believe makes my life better. The confidence I gain from showing initiative builds my self-esteem, compelling me to take an opening move more often.

Progressing forward to go after something I want brings me challenges, excitement, and satisfaction. Although I may feel fear or uncertainty, I find the courage to do it anyway.

I know that if I want to succeed, I must show initiative in my everyday life. It is comforting to know that regardless of challenges, I can count on myself to produce a positive result.

I have confidence that I can set into motion the success I want in life.

Today, I take personal responsibility for my life. I accept that my success and fulfillment depend on my ability to show initiative, so I take action whenever possible.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. When was the last time I showed initiative? How did things turn out?
2. Do I go after the things I really want, no matter what? If not, why not?
3. How can I increase my personal initiative?