Loved ones

Loved ones

Opening my heart and emotions to those who are close to me gives me a warm feeling.

I nourish my soul when I share it with my loved ones. I know my feelings and thoughts are safe with them, and I can be completely honest and open with them.

By sharing in this way, I am made stronger and feel loved and appreciated. I enjoy the feeling of community and the strength that comes with sharing myself with others.

When I am able to share my feelings and thoughts openly and honestly, I am also better able to receive open and honest dialog from my loved ones.

When others trust me wholeheartedly, I am honored to feel worthy of their trust. I respect their needs and offer open and honest guidance. Building this trust is essential. I am proud to be trusted and worthy of trust.

Today I will open my heart and share openly and honestly with others. I will also open my heart to receive open and honest communication from others. I will lend my ear and my heart and I will be a part of a giving and loving community.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I been open and honest with those I love?
  2. Have I opened myself to receive open and honest communication from others?
  3. How have I been strengthened by my openness?