I am a product of a loving family.

I feel truly blessed to be the product of a loving family. My days are bright because love is the primary virtue I strive to exemplify.

Each day, I treasure the opportunity I have to be a part of a family in which we care for each other in any circumstance.

I am thankful for the loving nature bestowed upon me as a result of what I experience every day with my family. I naturally reach out to greet those I love with a warm hug because I know how wonderful such an embrace makes me feel.

My family time is my renewal time. I anticipate with excitement any opportunity I have to spend an afternoon or evening with my loved ones and feel the positive energy flow through the room. These times fill me with love and kindness that I can then go out and share with others.

Holidays and special occasions are very important to me. They give me the chance to relax and be myself. Being surrounded by my family’s love makes me feel comfortable and at ease.

Today, I recognize that my life is easier because of the loving habits taught to me by my family. I know I have the ability to rise above any negativity in my life. I am convinced that love conquers all.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I show love to my family and friends?
2. What can I learn about love and kindness from the innocence of children?
3. Is there someone in my life who could benefit from an extra infusion of love from me right now?