I am one of the fortunate few who are deeply aware of what they want in this wonderful life. Because of this, I can see my dreams clearly, and my dreams are attainable because I say they are!

I get to choose my actions and inactions. Ultimately, I know that I am responsible for my place in life. For this reason, I choose to do everything in my power to reach my goals.

Rather than sitting back and hoping that my dreams will fall onto my lap, I am a steadfast go-getter. Even if I feel some internal inhibitions, I move toward my goals and then graciously accomplish them. Whether internal or external, I put all obstacles aside.

While I certainly am strong, I realize that I am far from being Superman. I give myself adequate time to prepare for any goal I wish to achieve. By doing so, I increase my chance of successfully completing the task.

I always say that slow and steady wins the race. If I were to try to lose weight, I can get much farther by gradually altering my diet rather than going on a crash diet. The same logic applies to most other situations in life.

Change is gradual. The small changes I make are gradually helping me move a little closer to my goal each and every day.

Today, I muster up the courage to claim what is rightfully mine! My dreams are within reach; it only makes sense to go after something that makes me happy.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I taking small steps each day to ensure that I reach my goal?
2. Are my loved ones serving as my support system?
3. Am I enjoying the little steps along the way, taking time to savor smaller accomplishments as I work toward the big ones?