My life is an open book.

I live my life with openness each day. I acknowledge the importance of sharing the true me with the world. Living my life as an open book gives me a sense of integrity and peace of mind.

I stay away from doing things that require me to hide my actions. When I am confronted with a dishonest choice to make, I walk away.

Doing something dishonest means acting against my conscience and my better judgment. Such a situation leads to discord, disagreements, and broken relationships. I prefer to stay on the honest path so people clearly see where I am coming from.

The life I portray to others matches my true reality.

Rather than putting on airs, I am fine with letting others see the real me, even if that means they think I am unaccomplished. I allow those people to have that impression because their opinion carries very little worth to me.

One key mantra I live by is to tell others the truth about my feelings. Even though the truth is sometimes painful to hear, it is the most sincere expression.

My friends and family know that my point of view is given without embellishment. Their recognition of my honesty is very important to me.

Today, the best thing for me is to live openly and honestly. Each morning, I commit to being the truest version of myself. I am happier when I live truthfully.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What steps do I take to show others that I am relating to them honestly?
2. When do I find it necessary to withhold my sincere feelings?
3. What value do I put on someone else’s openness with me?