I am optimistic.

I wake up each morning with the drive to have a great day. Sometimes, I contemplate what riches lay before me today. Thinking through a plan for the next few hours is important to me.

While I explore the planned events of the day, I feel hopeful and confident. I recognize my optimistic spirit largely determines the end result of my day.

When I am optimistic, I find I have more interest in whatever develops over the course of the day.

My positive attitude is a powerful force that ensures my day goes well. The people I encounter seem glad to see me and appear to genuinely care about my well-being.

Treating others with respect usually ensures that they have positive feelings toward me. Receiving recognition from others keeps my spirits high. I spread optimism to everyone I meet today.

Being optimistic helps me make it through a tough situation and still have some positive feelings left when I am ready to retire for the night.

Behaving in ways that demonstrate satisfaction, self-understanding, and joy makes my day go better. Plus, I am proud to set a good example of optimism for others to follow.

Today, I approach each day with positivity and optimism. My buoyant attitude determines the kind of day I have. I am sure to enrich my life and the lives of others when I am optimistic.

Self-Reflection Questions
1. How do my attitudes and feelings affect my day?
2. How have I recently demonstrated to others that I am positive and expect the best out of most situations?
3. What behaviors can I practice to show optimism each day?