My life is marked by a serenity that follows me everywhere I go. Strife is absent from my daily interactions because I yield my will to the power of peace.

I think before I speak. Peace is the filter through which I run my thoughts before they become actions. I only allow those thoughts that produce harmony to flow out of me. After careful reflection, I choose actions that build others up in love and harmony.

I act out of a desire to keep the world around me in agreement with itself. I refrain from repeating gossip because gossip separates. My goal is to bring people together.

A desire for peace drives me to think about others before myself. I eliminate selfishness from my life in order to serve the purposes of peace. When I think of others before myself, I lose the need to be right. I prefer being happy to accolades.

I am strong and peaceful when I choose to serve the needs of others before myself. An attitude of humility allows me to place importance on the right events.

Winning an argument is trivial. When I am confident about my knowledge and abilities, the admiration of others is just the icing on the cake. My confidence in myself remains the same whether others acknowledge it or not. Through self-belief I experience peace.

Today, I choose peace over being right. Life is too short to waste time arguing. I pass my thoughts and actions through the peace filter to ensure that I ignore the small stuff and focus on what matters.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is more important: Being right or being at peace?
2. How is humility strength?
3. Why is it important to run thoughts through the filter of peace before they become actions?