I am the perfect weight for me.

I realize that some people are supposed to be smaller than others, while others are supposed to be larger. My body is the perfect shape and size for me.

I strive to eat healthy foods, but I am free of the need to be perfect. When I slip and eat an unhealthy food, I simply strive to do better the next time. Eating well is quite easy for me. I love healthy foods.

I might occasionally wish that I weighed less than I do. During those times, I remember that I am blessed to have such an amazing body that is capable of amazing things.

Many beautiful people have the same body shape as I do. I am beautiful. I find that my body naturally seeks out the perfect weight. I trust my body and spirit to find and maintain my ideal bodyweight.

I have the self-control necessary to easily find and keep my bodyweight in the perfect range. I love to look at myself in the mirror and am proud of my appearance.

Today, I am grateful for the body I have been given. I choose to eat in a healthy manner and exercise regularly. I love my body and am happy with the way I look. I am the perfect weight for me.

Self-Reflection Questions
1. Am I eating in a healthy manner that will support my weight goal?
2. Do I get regular exercise?
3. Am I grateful for my body? What are some of the amazing things my body can do?