Personal Time

Personal Time

In my book of life, personal time equals productive time.

Giving myself personal time is a terrific gift. I have learned that personal time allows me to be more productive.

Having the time to focus on the things I want to accomplish is important. Personal time allows me to address the tasks I have set for myself. In order to actively pursue my life purpose, I need to devote time to my goals.

Because I am a giving person, it is sometimes hard for me to see that I deserve the same amount of respect that I show to others. When it is right, I find ways to put myself first.

Since I give myself the time and space to accomplish my goals, I am a better person. I feel like I am listening to and honoring my true desires.

Time for myself enables me to be the best I can be. It is a great practice to devote time to my thoughts and goals. Personal time allows me to maximize my productivity.

My book of life is designed to help me become a complete person. I make time for others and myself. When I give myself personal time, I use that time fully.

Because personal time equals productive time, I am able to achieve my goals and devote more time to my family and friends.

When I am available to others, I am alive with energy. My time alone has refreshed my life view and filled me with renewed passion. In my book of life, personal time is priceless.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I give myself the gift of personal time?
2. What do I hope to accomplish during my personal time?
3. How can I maximize the productivity of my personal time?