I can achieve greatness!

Greatness is a state of mind, which I embrace with every waking moment. I am predisposed to do well and accomplish my goals in any situation I encounter.

All situations contribute to a good life, even adverse circumstances. If I ever feel like I have failed, I can easily convert this to success because I view every disappointment as an opportunity to learn. In situations when I would have preferred a different outcome, I now know what is needed for me to be great the next time around.

My desire to achieve greatness burns even more brightly in the face of adverse circumstances. If I encounter doubts and insecurities, I look deep within myself for the strength I know I possess. I have the power to choose my reaction to a situation, and this determines the outcome. I make the outcome positive each and every time.

If deterrents arise as I stride toward my goals, I remember that challenges are not the same as impossibilities. I am confident that I have what it takes to pass through any situation and achieve my heart’s desires.

Because of my confidence, I live each day with happiness. To me, that is success itself! The fact that I can close my eyes each night feeling content with my life is an indication that I have indeed achieved greatness.

Today, I am confident that all situations have a happy ending for me. My innate greatness and gratitude erase any thoughts of failure and replace them with solutions instead.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Are there challenges in my life that I can more easily overcome with the help of family and friends?
2. Do I always embrace my inner greatness even if I do not come out on top of a situation?
3. How can I inspire others toward greatness in their own lives?